• The Top-Rated Company for Electrical Services in Lincoln Illinois

    Lincoln Heating & Cooling has been the local leader in Lincoln, Illinois, when it comes to electrical installation, repair, and maintenance. With over 30 years of experience, you can rely on our professionally trained technicians for your electrical service for:

  • • Breaker Panel Installation & Repair
    • Electric Panel Upgrades
    • New Electric Circuits
    • Electrical Outlets &
    Light Switch Replacements
    • GFCI Outlets

  • • Fan Installation & Wiring
    • Hot Tub Wiring
    • Circuit Breaker & Fuse Replacement
    • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting
    • Whole House Surge Protection
    • Solar Panel Installation

  • Electrical Repair Lincoln IL

    Lincoln Heating & Cooling is here for your residential and commercial electrical repair needs in Lincoln, Illinois. Whether you are having problems with your home's electric panel or you are dealing with electrical surges, you can rely on our licensed electricians for a quick and affordable solution to your electrical issues. Some of our most common service calls are due to:

  • • Electrical Surges
    • Dips in Electrical Supply
    • Faulty Light Switches
    • Circuit Breaker Tripping Often
    • Circuit Overload

  • • Lights Are Too Bright or Too Dim
    • Electrical Shocks
    • High Electrical Bill
    • Light Bulbs Burning Out Often
    • Lighting Goes In and Out

  • Electrical Installation Lincoln IL

    At Lincoln Heating & Cooling, we understand that it's easy to take advantage of your electrical system when you rarely need to maintain or repair your circuit breaker or outlets. However, accidental malfunctions can happen more often than you might think, requiring an experienced and licensed electrician to perform necessary fixes to keep your home or business running smoothly. Over time, your electrical system will eventually need to be replaced due to age, blown fuses, and if your home is older, out of date wiring. For quality electrical installation services, call our facility in Lincoln, IL for reasonable prices and a quote on your electrical services. 

  • Electrical System Upgrades Lincoln IL

    Electrical service upgrades are more common in older homes because they are unable to handle today’s current electrical needs. If you have an older home, having your electrical system upgraded is a practical safety issue. A good sign that your home needs an electrical service upgrade is if you are experiencing flickering lights, tripping breakers, or there aren’t enough outlets for your appliances. Upgrading your electrical system is a major job and you should leave it to the professionals at Lincoln Heating & Cooling.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Lincoln IL

    We specialize in indoor and outdoor lighting. Lincoln Heating & Cooling has a team of certified technicians who have years of experience regarding indoor and outdoor lighting installations and repairs. Whether you want to upgrade your current lighting options or replace them, you can rely on our team for a successful job. Contact us for:

  • • Indoor Lighting
    Installation & Repair

    • Security System Lighting
    • LED Retrofits & Upgrades

  • • Warehouse Lighting
    • Outdoor Lighting Installation & Repair
    • Parking Lot Lighting

  • • Landscape Lighting
    • Custom Lighting Layouts
    • Lighting Control Systems

  • LED Lighting Lincoln IL

    LED lighting is a great energy-efficient option for your lighting needs. LED light bulbs have an increased lifespan and the ability to customize the brightness and color temperature; this can help enhance the layout of your home or office. The benefits of LED lighting include:

  • • Energy Efficient
    • Longer Lasting Lightbulbs
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Safety Improvements

  • • Brightness and Wattage Efficiency
    • Enhanced Color Rendering
    • Instantly Turn On

  • • Wide Range of Color Temperature Options
    • Smart Bulbs
    • Dimmable Lighting

  • Solar Panel Installation

    Solar panels are used to convert sunlight into energy, which your home will then use to run your electrical system. With many homes trying to make the transition to a more energy-efficient household, solar panels are a great way to start. Solar panels have many benefits and offer a great return on their investment. Lincoln Heating & Cooling specializes in solar panel installation in Lincoln, Illinois. For more information, contact us for a free estimate! We specialize in:

  • • Monocrystalline silicon
    solar panels

  • • Polycrystalline silicon
    solar panels

  • • Thin-film solar cells

  • Solar Panels Installation Benefits Lincoln IL

  • • Reduce/Eliminate Energy Bills
    • Earn Tax Credits & Rebates

  • • Start Saving Immediately
    • Helps the Environment